Falcon unveils smaller spider range

Danish spider lift manufacturer Falcon has announced a new five model range of spider lifts with working heights of between 13 and 27 metres.

The new machines will be built under a private label badging agreement with CTE using the manufacturers basic specification but with some Falcon specific features. Details of the models offered have not yet been released but will include hybrid and all electric lithium-ion models. All five models - likely to have working heights of 13, 17, 20, 23 and 27 metres - will be articulated with dual sigma type risers which has prompted the company to give the new products the designation of Falcon Sigma after the Greek letter Σ. The new models provide Falcon with a full range from 13 to 52 metres for the first time in its history, which dates back to the invention of the spider lift.

The company says that while the new models are smaller, and thus less expensive, they have been careful to ensure that the quality, features or specification match that of the larger models it produces in Denmark.
The new 23 metre Falcon Sigma FS230

Sales director Brian Falck Schmidt, said: “Many of our valued customers have been asking for smaller Falcons in the exceptional quality and the same features they experience from the traditional Falcon Lifts models. We are very pleased to finally being able to offer the new range of products with working heights from 13 to 27 meters that we believe answers the needs of our quality conscious customers. We are extremely pleased with the newly established collaboration. We have now the capabilities, the required scale and the engineering know how needed to introduce and supply smaller spider lifts in 'Falcon quality'.”

Vertikal Comment

This is a sound move on the part of Falcon. With more spider lift manufacturers offering larger models alongside their small machines, it risked being elbowed out of the mainstream spider lift market leaving it with just the very top end and niche specialist market.

Trying to compete with the high volume Italian manufacturers would have been a struggle, while this co-operation gives it a very good and improving range of products that will sit well alongside its bigger and more specialist machines.

This looks like a good move for both companies.


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