More Liebherrs for NTB

North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven (NTB) has taken delivery of four additional Liebherr Megamax ship to shore container cranes.

The latest delivery brings the number of Liebherr STS Megamax operating at the port to 10, with the first six units having been handed over in 2018.

The cranes are identical to those previous supplied and are amongst the largest STS cranes in the world with an outreach of 73 metres, a span of 30.48 metres and a back reach of 25 metres. They have a maximum capacity of 75 tonnes and are able to handle the world’s largest container vessels, with up 25 containers across and up to 10 high on deck. The cranes will allow NTB to handle future generations of ultra large container vessels.
The four new cranes

As well as being amongst the largest, the cranes are also said to be among the most advanced with Liebherr Automation Systems facilitating semi-automatic moves, with manual intervention only required when operating below a predefined safe height. The port operates straddle carriers on the landside and the cranes are equipped with a yard monitoring system, which scans the operational area for obstacles, hazards or straddle carriers, and will allow placement of the container at the target position only when it is safe to do so.

Straddle carrier lane covers open over an active lane, providing protection for those on the ground. Stack and vessel anti-collision, in addition to a vessel drift compensation system, provides safety when operating. Crane to crane, and crane to ship, laser anti-collision systems provide further safety when the crane is travelling or booming.
The cranes can lift at a forward radius of 73 metres

NTB managing director Christian Lankenau said: “We are pleased to add four new Liebherr ship to shore container cranes to our fleet. These new cranes and the previous six allow us to provide exceptional service to our customers. We have invested in these large state of the art cranes, not only for the present, but also for the future and they are a key part of our growth and expansion plans. For NTB it was very straightforward to invest in Liebherr cranes again. Our experience with Liebherr equipment in terms of performance, reliability and service has been very satisfying.”

David Griffin, managing director Liebherr Container Cranes added: “It has been very exciting to work with NTB. Designing high performance machines to customers exacting specifications is always rewarding, but to secure repeat orders on the strength of the machines performance is doubly so.”

NTB handles more 3 million twenty foot equivalent units (TEU) a year.
One of the cranes pokes through the mist


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