Another new Demag

Tadano Demag has announced a new 80 tonne, four axle, long boomed Demag All Terrain crane - the AC 80-4 - to fit between the 60 tonne AC60.3 and the two 100 tonne AC100s.
The new Demag AC 80-4

The new crane has a 60 metre, seven section main boom which compares to 50 metres on the AC 60-3 and AC 100-4, and marginally longer than that of the AC 100-4L long boom model, which has a six section 59.4 metre boom. The new crane also has some impressive capacities, managing 5.4 tonnes on the fully extended boom at a 30 metre radius - compared to six tonnes on the AC 100L or 9.7 tonnes on a 50 metre boom at 10 metres. The AC 100 manages 10.9 but it requires 24.5 tonnes of counterweight to do so. The new crane also boasts an impressive hoist with a single line pull of 6.8 tonnes.
The new crane has a seven section 60 metre boom

A 6.5 metre heavy duty swingaway extension can handle loads up to 23.8 tonnes and can be offset by 25 and 50 degrees. A 1.5 metre ‘runner’ extension has a capacity of 26.6 tonnes. The main boom can be lowered to three degrees below horizontal to allow rigging from the ground. The new Flex Base variable outrigger set up is also standard with automatic monitoring.
It also features a stubby 6.5m swingaway extension with 23.8t capacity

The company claims that the unit is also the most compact in it class with an overall length of 12.15 metres, a carrier length 10.6 metres, an overall width of 2.55 metres, and an overall height that does not exceed 3.85 metres. The front boom overhang is 1.49 metres. For a comparison the AC 100-4L is 12.8 metres long and almost four metres high - however the carrier length is the same.
The AC 80-4 is said to be the most compact on the market

Maximum counterweight is 17.7 tonnes, with the machine being capable of travelling on the road with up to 9.3 tonnes, along with the 6.5 metre extension, and a three sheave hook block within 12 tonne axle loads. It can also easily meet 10 axles loads with a handy 3.3 tonnes of counterweight on board.

Power comes from a Stage V Mercedes diesel matched to a Mercedes-Benz G230-12 transmission and a drivetrain, with 12 forward and two reverse speeds. All wheel steering is standard, while two axle drive is standard, with the option of a third driven axle.
The AC 80-4 can travel with 3.3t of counterweight for 10t axle loads or 9.3t for 12t loadings

On site, the new ‘Demag Surround View’ system uses four cameras to display a computer assisted diagram of the possible outrigger configurations and counterweight tailswing radius for the position selected. It also works on the road, where it delivers images along the sides of the crane as soon as the turn indicator is activated, allowing the operator to detect cyclists, pedestrians, or other obstacles.

The standard Demag IC-1 Plus control system calculates the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle and actual outrigger and counterweight set up selected - thanks to automatic monitoring of both. With all the data in the system it calculates a customise load chart for the configuration to maximise capacities. An expanded graphic display provides the operator with a clear overview of all of the information and capabilities.

The new AC 80-4 is available with the IC-1 Remote telematics solution, which makes it possible to remotely read and diagnose all important crane data, while integrating it into the fleet management system.

The manufacturer's new electrohydraulic E-Pack option is available that eliminates emissions and all but minimal noise, for working in enclosed or sensitive areas.
Flex Base variable outrigger set up with automatic monitoring

Product marketing manager Michael Klein, said: “Demag already had an 80 tonne crane at one point, the AC 80.2. The worldwide success that this model showed that there is significant interest in a crane with this kind of lifting capacity. In fact, a large number of customers kept confirming this time and time again. That is why we decided to add the AC 80-4 to our product range in the segment of up to 100 tonnes. The new crane really aims high when it comes to power and performance, and in many areas even outdoes representatives from the 90 tonne class.”

“This crane offers the versatility that our customers need: With its 60 metre main boom and compact design, it covers an enormous range of possible applications. This applies especially together with the IC 1 Plus control system and the Flex Base outrigger system, which will definitely make it the first crane of choice for many jobs in which space is tight.”

“Demag Surround View displays in the carrier cabin the different outrigger widths so the crane operator can position the crane on the construction site in order to extend all outriggers sufficiently far and ensure the required slewing radius. This reduces time consuming measuring and trial and error when looking for a location, so that the crane can be ready for operation more quickly. Our customers’ response when it was launched was so enthusiastic that we decided to also include it in the AC 80-4. And additional models will follow!”

Vertikal Comment

On the surface this looks like a very handy and impressive crane indeed, and will be a perfect taxi crane being potentially a good deal more nimble than most 100 to 120 tonne models, while offering the same boom length and capacities that look pretty competitive too.

It will be interesting to compare the specification detail more closely, we will publish our findings and comparisons in the next issue of our magazines.


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