Riwal to integrate Instant Holland

The acquisition of Instant Holland completes on January 1 when the Instant Holland aerial lift rental business will be integrated into Riwal.

The acquisition of the Instant Holland Group, which includes: Instant Holland- powered access rental, Instant Steigers – scaffold sales and rental, Stammis Verhuur - power generators and construction equipment rental and Ti-Rent - construction equipment rental with operators, was agreed in June since when the two companies have been working closely together.
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Instant Holland employees were in formed on Friday of the changes, which will include the dropping of the Instant Holland name (Instant Holland Apeldoorn is a separate – unrelated business) and integration of the administration with Riwal.

The Instant Holland locations will remain, at least in the short term.
The combined fleet aerial lift fleet of the merged business will be around 2,800 units


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